Joshua Tree

A magical experience in these sacred native lands. We spent the night in the middle of the Mojave desert amongst brightly coloured desert wildflowers and watched the moon rise above the rocks, followed by the sun rise which made the land glow a beautiful indigo blue. The combination of this colour on the white rocks made it look and feel like being on a different planet. The rocks look like shimmery quartz up close. There is an undeniable presence of the energy of the natives here, instantly humbling. As the sun rose, the echoes of ravens and other wild birds could be heard among the canyons and we watched tiny little sleepy eyed prairie dogs crawl out of their little holes to greet the sun.

Biker boots from thrift store in Nevada, vintage Navajo print shirt, headchain by Star Seed, blue circle scarf shawl by American Apparel

photography: Nicholai Matro

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